DAV had a “Blast” at the 8th Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’

What Is Punkin’ Chunkin’?

We had a “blast” at the 8th Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival held on October 19th! It was a gorgeous sunny October day. We were a sponsor of the event and had several DAVs in attendance as well!

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce puts together Punkin’ Chunkin’. Held in Clayton, NY, an estimated 8,000+ people came to see a bunch of locals catapult pumpkins into the St. Lawrence River using their homemade trebuchets.

What Else Is There To Do?

In addition to the main event, they also hosted a BBQ Contest, had live music and Riverside Drive was filled with vendors of all varieties. There was something for everyone, from a pumpkin bouncy house to various crafts, to fried pickles and other local foods.

A busy Riverside Drive in Clayton, NY at the 8th Annual Punkin' Chunkin'

So…Who Won?

The longest throw of the day was from a local construction company Bach & Co.’s trebuchet, “The Incredible Chunk,” whose pumpkin went an incredible 1,600 feet! I’m not sure if DAV helped on that or not, but Bach was one of our advertisers that day, along with Party Rentals of Watertown, Spicer for County Judge, The Wood Boat Brewery, Vintage Doors and The Clayton Chamber of Commerce.