Get your business unstuck & moving in the right direction!

It’s almost 2020… the way you advertised your business in the past isn’t always going to work.

Yes, there was once a time when you could run your commercial on one of the three available TV channels and that might be sufficient. You can probably remember an era when a customer could rotate the dial on the radio on their way home from the office and overhear your catchy jingle through the car speakers. When your customer sits down to check the neighborhood sports scores in the evening, he might even see the 2 column ad you had printed in the local paper.

It was working then so it should work now, right? Wrong.

The world is a very different place now. That approach may have been effective for a time but that time is in the past. In today’s world, we are blasted 24/7 with advertisements in every direction. You need to find a way to stand out and separate yourself from the competition to survive.

This is where DAV pulls up to the curb.

Advertising on DAV allows you to reach people with your customizable message at the right time. You may think you’re already doing this through newspapers, flyers, or radio ads… but when you advertise on DAV, your audience can’t change the channel, skip, or turn the “volume” down. DAV’s bright, high-res LED displays drives your simple and clear messaging straight to your target audience making it an excellent way to promote your product, business, or an upcoming event.

It’s hard to gain traction when you’re standing still. Let us help you get moving in the right direction.